Friday, October 31, 2014

New Release...NSD Sales & Flash Sales

Just in time for NSD

I have a

New Release

Wisdom and Friendship


GSNP_WisdomAndFriendshipPreview papers


If you purchase the kit

you will receive this special

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What could make this deal any better

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Starting Nov. 1 thru the 10th

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I am still not done

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Friday, October 24, 2014

Tips from Elly ..... My Magnificent Fall Mixology Release ......Plus a Freebie

Don't know what is wrong with the blog today so please

overlook it's crazyness!!

Hi its me again Elly from

 "Down Under"

 I have some more tips to better 

improve your layouts.

I have found that a photo 

can have good composition

but lack that dazzle and by 

an ACTION or EFFECT can 

dramatically change how a 

photo looks.  I especially looove actions 

and effects and will often use them on 

my photos. Also by adjusting 

give amazing results.  

Whenever I wasn’t sure on how to do

something I searched the net and

discovered some great tutorials and I am

grateful that others have shared their

expertise and knowledge.

In the series of photos below you can see

that the original, on left, was dull. After

duplicating it I played around with the

different actions/effects that I have

acquired or purchased and also adjusted

saturation and hue to end up with photo 

on the right.

Now I’m ready to place my photo into one of Ginger’s Scraps N Pixels(GSNP) amazing and unique kits and,  as Ginger has created some wonderful new Autumn/Fall packs for the GoDigitalScrapbooking (GDS) Mixology series ‘Magnificent  Fall’

 I have combined pieces from each packs to make my Layout

Here is another Layout I created from the GSNP’s  ‘Magnificent  Fall’ packs but this time I have used a ‘Sketch It’  Action on my photo  and placed it on my Layout
 with the original photo.

Now I would like to share the rest of
the Layouts that were created using the
My Magnificent Fall Mixology Series.

I have a freebie from Linda a member of my
Creative Team!

If you scurry over to my 
Facebook Page you
will find another one from Linda

That's all for now, but watch
for a New Release coming soon!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Hi, this is Elly from "Down Under" with another tip for using the right photo for the right Layout.

Last blog I spoke about finding just the ‘right photo’ and I showed you two photos that I wanted to scrap with Ginger’s Autumn/Fall kits. This time I’ll talk about ‘Seize the Moment’.

In Australia Halloween is not a big thing and we do not celebrate this event as in other parts of the world like America.  We have parties but it is more like a costume party with the usual witches, vampires,  ghosts and lots of Spiderman costume rather than the Zombies, eyeballs , headstones, blood and gall that seems to be fun….mmmmm have to think about that one.  Also,  for me, Autumn/Fall  photo opportunities can be few and far between because evergreens mostly grow  where I live.

When Autumn/Fall and Halloween comes around I have to think carefully about photos to go with this season’s kits.   Halloween merchandise is usually cheap and nasty with only a few big orange pumpkins, to make the Jack’O’Laterns,  are available in the supermarkets and in Australia we do not often make or eat pumpkin pie or anything else from pumpkins much either although we do like pumpkins scones.

So imagine my delight when I saw’ BIG’ orange Halloween pumpkins, in a crate, at my local supermarket. Quickly I did a ‘Seize the Moment’ and took out my camera (always handy) and snuck a photo whilst looking around to make sure Security didn’t think I was casing the place…. LOL.  Here is my LO made using one of the photos and Ginger's Snaps N Pixels kit 'Falling for Fall'. I  titled my LO ‘Home Among the Pumpkins’ 

 Falling For Fall Store Link
This colorful kit is on sale every Tuesday for $2.00.

Link   to Gingers Scraps N Pixels kit ‘Falling for Fall’     HERE

And here is another ‘ Seize the Moment’ photo. My son had just picked a pumpkin from his garden and little GD was so excited.For my next LO  I used kit ‘ All Hallows Eve’

link to kit All Hallow Eve at  Ginger’s Scraps N Pixels  store

Looking forward to bringing you my next blog where I will show you how I turned a dull photo into a work of art by using effects and actions.

I’ll also showcase Ginger’s Scraps N Pixels  packs for the
October Mixology
My Magnificent Fall
due out the 24th with eack
pack only $1.20 each til the 7th of November.
Plus as an added BONUS check back
for a freebie as well here on my blog and
Facebook Page.  

Friday, October 17, 2014

That's What Friends Are For Charity & Freebies

Welcome to a very special, crucial blog edition.

The wonderful thing about being a part of the digi-scrap community is the way we come together from all over the world to raise money for a cause, a catastrophe or a friend in need.

This time we come together for one of our own. Melissa Melanson-Dawes (aka LissyKay Designs) just underwent her 14th spine operation and now has to face yet another operation. She has had to take her 3rd leave of absence from work and will have to stay on bed rest following this next operation through the end of the year. With all the medical bills and cost of living, the family is not in a financial position to do this, but has no choice as Melissa's spine damage has worsened to the point that she was losing the ability to walk.
Still recovering from the last round of surgeries, the family now finds themselves in an even worse position than before. Melissa still needs more treatment and the family is facing losing their small condo due to their finances being drained. We hope that you will join in and help the Dawes family during their time of need so that Melissa can continue to receive the life-saving care she requires. They have kept the drastic nature of their situation quite private, but it is at a point they stand to lose what little they have and this will impact the further care Melissa needs.
Many know Melissa has struggled for years, but most don't know this all started when she was in a car accident as a teenager. Her husband, Alan, works 2 jobs but this barely touches the debt they have had to take on for Melissa's medical treatment. Doctors believe they finally have a solution to prolong Melissa's physical abilities and with all things going right, she will be able to work for a few more years. The doctor does not expect her to have many years left of employment and she will have to take a permanent disability. 
Many thanks to the 22 amazing designers have come together to help raise money for this wonderful family:

2 Curly Headed Monsters, A Fish Designs, A Little Giggles Designs, Angel Wing Scraps, Anne-Marie Designs, Arizona Girl, Cajun Diva Scraps, Christine Martin, Created by Jill Scraps, Dana's Footprints, Dream4Ever Designs, Ginger's Scraps N Pixels, Jilbert's Bits of Bytes, LouCee Creations, Manu Scraps, NBK Designs, Patty B Scraps, Studio Wendy, The Urban Fairy, Studio4 Designworks, Dagi's Temp-tations & Zesty Designs and their super talented Creative Teams who have created such wonderful layouts for your inspiration!

"That's What Friends Are For" is Available for for a limited time for just $15 at:GingerScraps & GDS.
Take a look at this AMAZING Collaboration! 
All proceeds (less Paypal fees) from the sale will be donated to the Dawes family.
If you care to donate privately, please visit their family page HERE
Here's a peek at just a few of the wonderful layouts created with this amazing kit!
While you're grabbing up this wonderful collab at GingerScraps or GDS, make sure to visit Melissa's stores while you are there
Many thanks from us to you!
Lissy's awesome templates.

 Lissy's Templates Lissy's Templates
 Lissy's Templates
 Lissy's Templates They are fabulous, easy to use, flexible and with the shadows already installed.  I highly recommend them for your scrappy endeavours.
Let's take a look at some inspiration from Ginger and her illustrious, Creative Team, the collection and some nice treats for Ginger's generous fans.

Here is a closer look at the collaboration.

Here is a closer look at Ginger's contribution.

We've got a couple of freebies floating around Digi Land.  Check them out, below.
 Free Frame Cluster

Sorry for the inconvenience.  This freebie has a glitch, but we'll get it work'n!

 Ginger's Blog Freebie

Please, keep in mind that these folks are from all over the world and may not have their blogs live yet.  Also, many of us will be offering more freebies, sporadically to encourage more generous, kind hearted people like you, to help out our friend Lissy.

 Kim's Freebie

Thanks for finding the time to read through Ginger's blog.  We hope you also find it in your heart, to help Lissy.  Thank you!

And if that is not enough there is another Freebie on Ginger's Facebook page!
Remember to leave some love....for all the Designers and Creative Teams contributions as this has been a labor of love for several weeks!

 Chandra's Blog

Please don't forget to head over to Go Digital Scrapbooking and Gingers Scraps to purchase the entire